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Real Estate Work

Druckman Law Group PLLC handles foreclosing and other real estate law services in Westbury, New York. Members of our firm have even published articles regarding our real estate services. We are frequent panelists in Default Servicing, and we offer litigation services as well.


Real Estate

Real estate closings require a special expertise if they are to be done correctly and efficiently. Our collective experience and paralegal support staff make us well-suited to provide quality work in a timely fashion. We are equipped with advanced technologically that lets us electronically generate, receive, and transmit closing documents to ensure a smooth transaction.

Default Services

We pride ourselves on being thorough, keeping your best interests always in mind. Several tracking and reporting systems are integrated, including LPS™, Lenstar™, Vendorscape, Clairifire, Newinvoice, and iClear, among others.

We provide legal services to institutional clients within Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, and private investor timelines who comply with all applicable fee guidelines. Our well-trained attorneys and paralegals are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services and customer support to every client.

Tax Lien Foreclosures

We provide tax lien foreclosures for commercial and residential clients who are delinquent on taxes. Our tax lien foreclosure services include judicial foreclosure before the court, and prompt, responsive service with experience.

We also provide timeshare foreclosures for clients who have invested in a timeshare. These foreclosure services include representation in court, preparation of legal documents, and thorough communication with all parties.


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Time Share Foreclosures

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Landlord / Tenant

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Transactional Real Estate

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Deed Transfers

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REO Processing

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